National Pro-Life Religious Council issues statement in support for Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone

The National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC) stands with the pro-life community here and abroad in support of Fr. Frank Pavone’s ministry as priest, president of NRPC, and leader of Priests for Life. In post-Roe America such leadership is needed more than before. Efforts to curtail this leadership fly in the face of the commitment of Christians who stand for the building of a culture of life.

Recognizing that the ministry of every Priest and Pastor is imperfect NPRC supports Fr. Frank Pavone in working with Church officials to reinstate his priesthood.

Justice requires fair and consistent treatment. We believe that such has not occurred in the treatment of Fr. Frank Pavone. There is reason to believe that efforts of some ecclesiastical leaders to curtail Fr. Pavone’s voice and ministry are motivated more by political concerns, than those of the Gospel. Such politically motivated actions harm the work of the millions of pro-life Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, to save the lives of unborn children and their families.

The NPRC is thankful for Fr. Pavone’s leadership, and join others in prayer for him, his ministry on behalf of the unborn, and the hope that his standing will soon be restored. His situation is a reminder to us all that faithfulness to the Gospel of Life is and will be costly, and that we must put our trust not in princes (including those of the Church), but in the living God who gives justice to the oppressed.

SOURCE Priests For Life