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Write a Guest Post on Pierced Hearts blog.

If you are a pro-life Catholic, I invite you to write a guest post for Pierced Hearts on virtually any topic. Send your submission to Please include your full name. If you want a link back to your blog, Twitter account, Facebook page or any other of your accounts, please provide that link, as well.

An accompanying photo relevant to your post must be used. You can supply this yourself or I can use a photo from my sources. Just be sure, if you send your own photo, that you have the right to use the image. Also, give me a link back to the source. For instance, if you get a photo from, make sure that it is a “Creative Commons” photo or “Public domain” photo. Provide with the photo a link back to the Flickr page it is on. If you can’t provide a photo, again, I will provide one for you.

Thanks in advance!