Fr. Pavone blasts House Democrats for ‘demonic’ devotion to abortion

TITUSVILLE, FL – Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today responded to the House of Representatives passing – again – a radical abortion bill.

“To appease the abortion profiteers who line their pockets, House Democrats put the nation through another dog-and-pony show to push through a bill they know has no chance of passing the Senate,” Father Pavone said. 

“This vile bill seeks to remove every protection for the unborn and their mothers in every state where the people have spoken very clearly that they want those protections, and more. 

“We’re talking about the most reasonable restrictions on abortions of babies who feel pain, who can survive outside the womb, or who are being killed because of their race, sex, or disability. Likewise, targeted would be parental rights for a minor’s abortion, clinic regulations, waiting periods, and protections of our tax money from paying for abortions.

“Why are the Democrats so consistently and unanimously out of touch with the American people and so extreme in their support of abortion? This is not about women’s rights or health. This is a fanatical, even demonic obsession with the killing of babies,” Father Pavone concluded.

SOURCE Priests For Life