Fr. Pavone: Freedom to end another life is not in Florida constitution

TITUSVILLE, FL — Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today reacted to the decision of a Florida judge to ban the state’s 15-week abortion law from being enacted tomorrow.

“Circuit Judge John Cooper has erroneously blocked Florida’s 15-week abortion law, citing the ‘privacy’ provision of the Florida constitution,” Father Pavone said. “But whether that word is in the state constitution or not, freedom from government intrusion into your life is quite different from freedom to end another life.

“We expect many efforts on the part of abortion supporters to find rights to abortion in various state constitutions. But even though these are different documents than the federal constitution, many of the arguments in the Dobbs case will apply, including the point above which the Dobbs Court also makes.”

SOURCE Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests For Life