Want to Save our Civilization? Have More Kids

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Want to Save our Civilization? Have More Kids

SAN FRANCISCO, April 7, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Bestselling author Dr. Peter Kreeft presents a series of brilliant essays about many of the issues that increasingly divide our Western civilization and culture in his new book, HOW TO DESTROY WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND OTHER IDEAS FROM THE CULTURAL ABYSS. At the forefront of the work is Kreeft’s declaration that Western Civilization — and, indeed, any civilization — can only be saved by having children. If you don’t have children, your civilization ceases to exist.

Having children is heroic because it demands sacrificial love and commitment, the basis of a thriving and moral society. Cherishing children is the single most generous and unselfish act that a society can perform for itself, Kreeft says in HOW TO DESTROY WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

Kreeft, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, is one of the most respected Christian authors of our time. His many bestselling books cover a vast array of topics in spirituality, theology and philosophy. They include How to Be Holy, Practical Theology, Back to Virtue, Because God Is Real, You Can Understand the Bible, Angels and Demons, Heaven: The Heart’s Deepest Longing and A Summa of the Summa.

Additionally, Kreeft writes that one thing we can all do to help save our culture is to gather wisdom as data to preserve and remember. Data is important and necessary; they are the premises for our conclusions. In HOW TO DESTROY WESTERN CIVILIZATION, he presents relevant, philosophical data that can guide us, divided into seven categories: epistemological, theological, metaphysical, anthropological, ethical, political and historical.

“In describing how to destroy the West, which we’re doing a pretty good job of just now, Peter Kreeft also indicates how to save it, if what’s left is savable. He has produced many valuable books in the course of a long career,” said Robert Royal, Ph.D., author of A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century. “This one, in its broad scope and incisive analysis, may be the best of them all.”

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