HuffPost, ‘Queer Catholics,’ Go After Pope Francis for Remarks on Homosexuality


Over at the Huffington Post: Queer Catholics Condemn Pope’s Claim That Being Gay Has Become ‘Fashionable’

The Catholic Church has long taught that homosexual acts are worse than most other sins because they are one of the four sins which cry to heaven for vengeance. This is basic Catholic 101, folks.  Pope Francis is to be commended for his remarks that call for a heterosexual and celibate priesthood.

“The Church urges that persons with this rooted tendency not be accepted into (priestly) ministry or consecrated life,” he said in the interview, according to Reuters.

He urged queer priests and nuns who have already taken their vows (which include a vow of celibacy) to in fact remain celibate. If they can’t, Francis said, “it is better that they leave the priesthood or the consecrated life rather than live a double life.”

Huffington Post

The Church is not out to harm anyone. The Church is there to show us the way to heaven and the way to heaven is to give up sin, but especially sins that cry to heaven for justice. It is the ‘queer priests and nuns’ who respond to the medicine by decrying it to be a poison who are out to harm the Church.

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