Catholic School Fires Pregnant Teacher Who Isn’t Married – Teacher Goes To Media

Naiad Reich and her boyfriend, Matt Graboski. Photo: WNEP/CNN

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School, a Catholic school near Shamokin, PA, fired a teacher, Naiad Reich, last week because she was pregnant and unmarried. That teacher, who maintains that she understands the policy, went to the media which was only too happy to report this as a scandal. Unfortunately, the media has decided that the firing, not the pregnancy of an unwed mother, is the scandal.

The Diocese of Harrisburg has responded, “The Diocese of Harrisburg is unable to comment on personnel matters. However, as outlined in our policies, every professional employee agrees to follow the teachings, doctrine and laws of the Catholic Church as part of the hiring process.”

Why does Naiad Reich maintain that she “understands the policy but disagrees with it” and went to the media with her story? She’s a relativist. They want to sound agreeable even when they are not content with allowing others to believe as they ought to.

What does she, and especially the media, hope to gain from this report? Do they think they can pressure the school to stop being Cathoilc? Fat chance.

Do they think they can gain public sympathy for a change in civil law that would take away the Church’s rights in this case? There’s that pesky thing called the First Amendment, though, getting in their way.

Maybe they think that they can hurt enrollment by reporting this story in a culture that has accepted relativism.

Whatever the case, they have taken sides in the debate and one can’t help but wonder why when most people want their news organization to be unbiased.

I would definitely stop watching WNEP and CNN. Why? Because they’re taking sides against the Church in a profession that is supposed to be unbiased.

Relativism is an ugly thing, especially when it is broadcast nationwide and/or internationally, and it is particularly ugly when it sides against the Church and her children.

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