Meet the New Relativists

SAN DIEGO, April 12, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ — Can’t we just agree that relativism isn’t a thing anymore? In a world gone woke, with corporate and campus thought police patrolling our every tweet and text, surely the idea that everyone has his or her own “personal truth” is dead—a Millennial relic. So say our leading cultural influencers, Christian and secular alike.

But Catholic author and apologist Karlo Broussard says we shouldn’t be fooled by appearances. In The New Relativism: Unmasking the Philosophy of Today’s Woke Moralists, he shows that relativism never went anywhere. It just mutated into a new form.

Those enforcers of ideological conformity who issue commandments to make sure we’re never racist, sexist, homo/trans-phobic, anti-“science,” or judgmental of other people’s lifestyles? They may project a kind of absolutism, but it’s a mask, a smokescreen. Scratch below the surface and you see that they’re driven by the same squishy attitude toward truth and reason that produced the faddish relativism of recent memory.

“The architects of elite culture didn’t change their ideas, just their M.O.,” says Todd Aglialoro, director of publishing for Catholic Answers Press. “In fact, as Broussard makes clear, the coercive moralism that we encounter in media, big business, schools, and government is what you get when you spend a generation rejecting objective truth in favor of personal feelings.”

And Broussard does more than unmask the new relativism’s true face—he shows how to fight it, offering alternative “commandments,” based on natural and Christian truth, to counteract the poison of wokeness and those who want to force-feed it to us.

About the Author: Karlo Broussard is a veteran author and staff apologist for Catholic Answers.

SOURCE Catholic Answers

Photo Credit: Flavio Ronco