Catholic Activists in Africa Decry Social Media Censorship of Anti-LGBT Content

By Agnes Aineah

Nairobi, 02 March, 2023 (ACI Africa). Published with permission.

The African branch of CitizenGo, a movement of Catholic activists advocating for the promotion of family values, has decried censorship by Twitter and other social media platforms opposed to anti–LGBTQ content.

In a petition launched on Monday, February 27, CitizenGo Africa is pushing Twitter, specifically, to put an end to what the entity describes as an “unjust, biased, and unnecessary suppression of certain opinions that don’t align with the leftist agenda.”

In the petition, the Catholic activists claim that their Twitter account was, in January, suspended after posting an image that painted LGBT in bad light.

“Last month, the official CitizenGO account on Twitter was suspended by the social media platform, after posting an image on our Twitter page drawing attention to dangerous attempts of the most radical branch of the LGBT lobby to normalize pedophilia,” the activists claim.

They add, “On top of that, in pure censorship fashion, almost all of our tweets that were scheduled one week before were never published. Our Social Media team had even to delete everything to regain access to the account.”

The censorship at the hands of social media platforms, CitizenGo Africa says, is an open attack on pro-life and pro-family voices that seeks to prevent people from becoming aware of or talking about the perversions and radicalization of the LGBT lobby. 

The activists lament that right now, pro-life and pro-family voices worldwide are being excluded from public debate and discriminated against for ideological reasons.

In their petition, the Catholic activists appeal to Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, to end the censorship against pro-life and pro-family voices “once and for all”.

“Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he promised that he would do what it takes to end the long and frustrating years of censorship and work towards a platform where at last, freedom of speech is respected,” the members of CitizenGo Africa say, and add, “Yet, Twitter is still more restrictive than Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, where we posted the same things and were not banned!”

“We know very well that most of those who manage social media platforms will stop at nothing to have their way and prohibit whatever traditional, pro-life, pro-family posts and publications,” the Catholic activists say.

They lament that censorship like the one CitizenGO faces causes difficulty for the activists to get key information out to the public about critical issues like child indoctrination.

According to the activists, woke radical ideas that threaten children and their education are also becoming rampant.

“The LGBT lobby, aided by most social media platforms, celebrates this censorship in an attempt to erase us, stigmatize us, and isolate us. They will continue to push against us because they are scared of what we say. They are scared of the truth because they live in a lie!” the Catholic activists say.

They add, “These attacks are happening everywhere, so people across the world must know of the lengths social media platforms and big tech companies are willing to go in order to curb free speech, propagandize the information we have access to, and police us with how we can and cannot think.”

SOURCE ACI Africa. Published with permission.

Photo credit: mkhmarketing