Fr. Pavone: GOP House takeover halts Democrat control of D.C.

TITUSVILLE, FL — “This was the goal and we have achieved it!”

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, celebrated the fact that Republicans have regained the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. “That means it is a pro-life majority,” he pointed out.

“A key goal for tens of millions of pro-life Americans in this election was to ensure that Democrats no longer have full control of Washington, and we have done that. None of their extremist plans for expanding abortion and having taxpayers foot the bill will come to fruition in the 118th Congress. Nor will their plans for destroying America.

“We also had many important victories in gubernatorial races and pro-life candidates in key states won state Supreme Court positions,” Father Pavone said. “All of this adds up to good news for the unborn.”

Father Pavone noted that important pro-life bills, like the 15-week limit introduced by Rep. Chris Smith, that would protect babies capable of feeling pain, will get a vote on the House floor and will pass.

“Democrats will be unable to hide their extremism when they vote against these common-sense, humane bills,” he said. “Moreover, the Republican House will be able, by means of proper investigations, to get to the bottom of questions the American people have been asking these last two years of the Biden administration, including why the FBI is targeting peaceful pro-life citizens.

“We should be happy today,” he added. “We have fired Nancy Pelosi!”

SOURCE Priests For Life