How St. Bernadette Came to Me in a Dream

Many of you know that I have been battling Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Cancer which is mostly in my liver. As a Passionist Oblate Associate, I should know at least as well as anyone how to rejoice in my sufferings, but to be honest, I’ve been something of a wimp, as of late. I needed help. At long last, St. Bernadette has come to me to help. This is the story of how this happened.

For months before my cancer diagnosis, I was having horrible nightmares. Not just bad dreams. Nightmares. My doctor put me on medication and the nightmares went away. In fact, I didn’t remember having any sort of dreams at all. Then, after my cancer diagnosis, I went to see the neuroendocrine cancer specialist. My fatigue was extreme and my blood pressure was very low. He said it was because of the medication for nightmares so I had to go off of it. That was about two weeks ago.

I had not had any dreams since going off that medication that I could recall. As many of you know, I was under a GREAT DEAL of stress over having cancer and taking the chemo. There is a whole process to taking the chemo pills. You have to store it correctly, not allow anyone else near it, wash your hands before and after, and pay attention to the schedule. I have been worried that my mom might be affected by it somehow if I’m not careful.

It has been harrowing, not to mention the stress about having cancer.

Two nights ago, I watched The Song of Bernadette and I actually had a DREAM. I haven’t had “just a dream” in at least a year. It started out badly. I was walking along fine and a tree fell on me. It was a HUGE tree and I was under so much pressure. The tree was the cancer. The doctor told me to take the chemo to get rid of the cancer but with this tree on top of me I couldn’t go through the routine of looking at the schedule, washing my hands, then carefully removing it from the bag, counting out the pills, carefully taking the pills, and washing my hands again. It was impossible! At least, I thought it was. I was so upset and St. Bernadette came to me and she said, “Nothing is impossible with God.” She reached down and lifted the tree from me and set it aside. Then I didn’t even need the chemo! The cancer was gone!

My mom is a protestant and she LOVES the movie The Song of Bernadette. She said she wanted to watch it again yesterday. While she was watching it, I came into her room and told her, through tears, about my dream. I told her that I believe St. Bernadette has adopted me for intercession and she started crying, too, and agreed with me.

So please, pray for the intercession of St. Bernadette for my healing. I firmly believe that if it is God’s will that I be healed, I will be! Especially with her help.

Thank you all so much for your prayerful support. Many of you have donated financially and it has greatly humbled me. Thankfully, I have been approved for Supplemental Security Income, plus my insurance remains intact, and the donations are no longer necessary…but I still ask for your prayers, especially with the intercession of St. Bernadette.

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