The Women’s Health Protection Act Would Be the Most Destructive Piece of Legislation Enacted in American History

Today, the United States Senate is scheduled to vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA). The House of Representatives passed this legislation on a partisan vote in September of last year. Pro-abortion politicians are urging passage of the WHPA in advance of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health which many experts predict will overturn the precedents of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey

Lila Rose, President and Founder of Live Action, released the following comment on today’s vote. The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), if passed, would be the single most destructive piece of legislation enacted in the history of our nation. Every abortion ends the life of an innocent human being, a child with intrinsic value; the only difference between them and us is their youth.” 

Among a litany of evils this bill would impose upon the country, it would force states to:

  • Permit gruesome late-term abortion on children after 21 weeks, when they are able to survive outside the womb
  • Threaten policies that restrict taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Allow abortion based on sex, race, or diagnosis of a genetic abnormality, such as Down Syndrome, of the baby 
  • Eliminate critical informed-consent restrictions that ensure women have all the information they deserve about options beside abortion and the risks of abortion
  • Reduce safety restrictions regarding chemical abortion 
  • Reduce critical saftey regulations for abortion facilities
  • Allow medical professionals to be coerced into participating in abortions or risk termination

Rose continued, “Unlike the Supreme Court was when they issued the constitutional travesty of Roe v. Wade, which created a so-called “right” to kill preborn children with absolutely no basis in the text, history, or traditions of our Constitution, members of Congress are directly accountable to the people. The American people do not want this horrific bill aimed exclusively at ensuring the ongoing and expanded destruction of hundreds of thousands of helpless, innocent preborn children. I implore every member of the Senate to reject this immoral and destructive law. Some lawmakers think the way to help Americans in need is to aid in the killing of their children. They are wrong. We must walk with families materially, emotionally, and spiritually to show them that they can choose life for their children.  The Women’s Health Protection Act does the exact opposite, radically expanding the killing of children through all nine months of pregnancy.”

SOURCE Live Action