New Jersey enacts extreme legislation allowing unregulated access to abortion

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Denise Burke regarding New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s signing Thursday of S. 49, a bill that drastically expands abortion in the state and endangers women’s health:

“Every human life is valuable, precious, and worthy of full protection. Yet Gov. Phil Murphy just signed into law legislation that codifies a radical ‘right’ to abortion, allowing abortion for any reason up until birth and blocking future passage of commonsense and medically appropriate abortion regulations. This dangerous legislation is another brazen attempt by the abortion industry to push its extreme agenda at the expense of unborn babies and their mothers. The bill further expands taxpayer funding of abortion, forcing New Jersey citizens to be complicit in paying for even more abortions in their state. Such government-compelled participation in abortion has no place in a free society. This radical expansion of abortion is disheartening, but ADF will continue to fight to ensure policies are enacted that truly support women and protect innocent life.”

SOURCE Alliance Defending Freedom