Texas Heartbeat Law Still in Effect Saving Over One Hundred Children Every Day

Washington, DC – Today, the Supreme Court released an opinion that did not strike down the life-saving Heartbeat Law that protects preborn children from abortion once a detectable heartbeat can be found. Lila Rose, Founder & President of Live Action released the following statement: 

“For the past 101 days, all children in Texas with a detectable heartbeat have been legally protected from the life-ending violence of abortion. For 101 days, thousands of pre-born Americans who would have otherwise been denied their God-given rights guaranteed to them by our Constitution have had the chance to be born and live. For 101 days we have had a glimpse of a less violent and more welcoming America. The young Texans saved by this law will grow and live as a testament to what is possible when children are allowed to live and the instruments of abortionists are withheld.

Today, the Supreme Court refused to strike down the life-saving and democratically popular Texas Heartbeat law. While the Court did give a roadmap for lower courts to put the law on hold, the opinion of the Court was crystal clear that this case was not commenting on the constitutionality of the abortion restriction itself. The Court’s decision also allows the law to stay in effect as litigation continues, an important victory for life.

Just days ago, the Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson, where they have committed to reviewing the constitutionality of protections for life at 15 weeks gestational age. That case is the perfect opportunity for the Court to rectify their defining error and reverse Roe v. Wade, once and for all putting to rest the illogical, unjust, and immoral notion that the Constitution guarantees a right to maliciously kill our youngest citizens. Every single day in our country, 2,363 children are lost to the violence of abortion. We must work to save every child, and take the death toll of 2363 to 0.”

SOURCE Live Action

PHOTO CREDIT Bill Dickinson