24 Members of Congress Demand Google End Censorship of Life-Saving Ads

Washington, DC – This week, 24 members of the United States Congress led by Senator Steve Daines in the Senate, and Representatives Jim Banks and Doug Lamborn in the House are demanding that Google stop their reckless suppression of pro-life voices and reinstate pro-life organization Live Action’s life-saving advertisements promoting abortion pill reversal. Since September 13th, Google has censored and suppressed life-saving advertisements promoting the abortion Pill reversal hotline on its ubiquitous online platform. After Google removed the advertisements in September, dozens of members of Congress wrote to Google seeking information on why the company chose to de-platform the pro-life message and to request a reversal of the unfair policy. Google then responded to that letter in an unsatisfactory manner.

This latest correspondence from members of Congress in defense of free speech was hand-delivered to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and reads in part:

Google’s decision to censor Live Action’s abortion pill reversal ads is denying life-saving information to thousands of women who want to save their unborn children’s lives from a tragic decision they regret. We urge you to swiftly reverse this unjust and indefensible decision.” Google then responded to that letter in an unsatisfactory manner.

Lila Rose, Founder and President of Live Action, responded:

“It has been 86 days since Google removed abortion pill reversal ads, resulting in hundreds of deaths — children who could have been saved if their mothers had found the information they sought to save their preborn child after taking the abortion pill. Live Action will not stop until our life-saving ads promoting abortion pill reversal are completely reinstated. Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs rely on Google to be an unbiased and fair player when it comes to online information, and life-affirming information like abortion pill reversal must not be allowed to be so blatantly discriminated against. I am thankful for the bold leadership of Senator Steve Daines, Representative Jim Banks, Representative Doug Lamborn, and the other members of Congress who signed this letter for standing up to Google in the name of millions of Americans who respect both human life and free speech. It’s time for Google to make the right decision and reverse its capricious and unjust suppression of life-saving information.”  

SOURCE Live Action