Historic 2363 Act to Protect All Children Introduced in Ohio

Washington, DC – Every day in America, an average of 2,363 children are tragically lost to abortion. That stark reality must prompt real and lasting policy change in defense of life. The 2363 Actintroduced by Ohio State Representative Jena Powell, is a bold step towards a better America — protecting all children from the violence of abortion.

Live Action, one of the nation’s leading human rights nonprofits, is proud to be partnering with leaders across the nation starting with Representative Powell on the 2363 Act in conjunction with the organization’s recent launch of its 2363 campaign. The campaign, which kicked off in front of thousands at the Santa Monica Pier, aims to ensure every American knows that abortion is the leading cause of death for children, and to ultimately save every child.

Rep. Powell, who is currently serving her second term in the Ohio House of Representatives, and is the youngest female legislator in the history of Ohio, spoke at the event on her forthcoming bill. 

It was an honor to speak at Live Action’s 2363 kick-off event in Los Angeles on October 16th. I am proud to be championing The 2363 Act in Ohio, as this legislation will change the landscape of Ohio and the United States. It is time for legislators across the country to boldly stand up for the right to life of pre-born children, and I am excited that The 2363 Act will end abortion and protect the lives of women and children across our great nation,” said Rep. Powell. 

The 2363 Act takes inspiration from Texas’ recent and successful Heartbeat Bill (SB 8), by implementing a “private right of action” in order to sustain enforcement during inevitable litigation from the abortion industry. The 2363 Act would protect all preborn children, regardless of gestational age, disability, race, or gender from the moment of fertilization.  

Although the bill is first being presented in Ohio, Live Action’s President and Founder Lila Rose hopes that the 2363 Act will be a template for other states to replicate, which will help end the tragedy of abortion once and for all. 

Rose explains, Abortion is our nation’s leading cause of death, killing more people than heart disease, cancer, or COVID-19. This gruesome truth echoes throughout the 2363 campaign, pleading with our national conscience that action must be taken on behalf of the most vulnerable. The science is crystal clear – human life begins at the moment of fertilization – not at birth, not at 15 weeks gestation, not even at 6 weeks when a preborn child’s heartbeat can be first detected. Every single preborn child deserves protection and no child should be discriminated against based on race, gender, medical diagnosis, or age. The 2363 Act ensures that no child will be left behind to face the abandonment and violence of abortion.  We must be absolutely fearless in our efforts to protect these children as well as their mothers and families from the predatory abortion industry. The 2363 Act is the beginning of the end of legally sanctioned abortions in America.” 

Live Action’s 2363 campaign is continuing across the country — with an emphasis on New York City, Washington, D.C., and Jackson, Mississippi through print, radio, digital, TV ads, and out-of-home marketing. All of these efforts are successfully educating the nation on the humanity of preborn children and the truth about the violent abortion procedures that end their lives. 

Rose concludes,“As we approach the Supreme Court’s likely reversal of the constitutional fiction of Roe v. Wade, 2363 will equip human rights advocates to expose the deception of the abortion industry, and acknowledge and protect the basic human rights of the most vulnerable from the moment of their existence within the womb. 2363 is a tragic number every American must know. Together we can go from 2,363 children lost each day to 0.” 

Visit 2363.org to view 2363 campaign resources.

SOURCE Live Action