Fr. Pavone: ‘No common ground’ on abortion between Biden and Pope Francis

TITUSVILLE, FL — Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, released the following statement regarding the meeting of Joe Biden and Pope Francis today at the Vatican.

“Pope Francis met with Joe Biden. No doubt the Biden administration and the left wing of the world will try to make it seem like these two men are on the same page about just about everything, especially left-wing causes based on mythology. In reality, they have nothing in common when it comes to fighting for human dignity and equality. The reason is something Joe Biden would learn if he really did have respect for the Catholic faith and for the popes of the Catholic Church. As St. John Paul II made clear in his apostolic exhortation Christo Fidelis Laicic, when politicians cry out for human rights but do not protect the basic right to life, their position on other issues are, and I quote, ‘false’ and ‘illusory.’

“The ability to work for social justice is undermined when we allow the killing of the unborn. There is absolutely no common ground here between the position of Biden and the position of the pope.

“No photo opps, smiling gestures and happy talk about this meeting can change that. Nor does the pope, and much less Biden, get to change what Catholic teaching is about abortion. As Pope Francis himself has said repeatedly, it is murder and it is ‘like hiring a hitman.’

“I am not so concerned about what was or was not discussed at this meeting, because it is not this meeting that defines the problem. The problem is the Democrat party’s fanatical obsession with expanding abortion. Again, no meeting either establishes or erases the contradiction that exists between that and the Catholic faith. Moreover, it is a contradiction to the very meaning of public service and the requirements of human decency.

“We Catholics, and Christians overall, are sick and tired of having our faith used and abused by those who claim to profess it but reject the right to life.”

SOURCE Father Frank Pavone