Catholic Entity in Africa Launches Call to Stop “social engineering” through Gay Superman

By Agnes Aineah

Nairobi, 23 October, 2021 / 10:30 pm (ACI Africa).

The African branch of the International Catholic activist organization, CitizenGo Africa, has initiated an online campaign to stop the introduction of a new Superman, a superhero fictional character with a bisexual identity. 

According to the Catholic activists, the move by DC Comics to announce the release of their bisexual Superman on November 9 is aimed at creating a type of social engineering especially among children.

The leadership says, in reference to the bisexual fictional character, “It is not just a cognitive dissonance with the traditional image of Superman; it is a true social engineering project of the gay lobby with the collaboration of DC Comics.”

The character is Jon, aged 17 who falls in love with Jay Nakamura, a young journalist in glasses and pink hair from the fictional city, Metropolis.

According to CitizenGo Africa, Jon who is half superhero half-human has renewed and augmented superpowers and dedicates them to all the ‘good guys’ causes. These include putting out fires caused by climate change and fighting against deportation of immigrants in Metropolis.

Jon also solves high school shootings caused by the alleged American laxity in the use of weapons.

The Catholic entity, which works through online petitions to spearhead family issues, laments that the scriptwriter of the series, Tom Taylor, “frontally” rejected in The New York Times the idea of maintaining an image of Superman.

Taylor is quoted by the New York Times as saying, “The idea of replacing Clark Kent (Superman) with another straight white savior seemed like a missed opportunity.”

According to the scriptwriter, a new Superman had to have new struggles, real-world problems “that he could face as one of the most powerful people of the world.”

In their petition to stop the change of the Superman identity, CitizenGo decries the move to transmit a distorted image of heroism to children.

The petition published on Tuesday, October 19 reads in part, “The new Superman does not free women in distress or prevent terrorist attacks but has become a kind of environmental, pro-immigration, anti-gun activist. And now, he is gay and has a homosexual relationship with a spectacled journalist with pink hair.”

“Is this the image you intend to convey of a hero?” the petition probes, and adds, “I want you to know that I reject the social engineering that they intend to do with this project; that I do not want to transmit a distorted image of heroism to my children and that I will certainly not buy their products if this gay Superman finally hits the streets.”

SOURCE ACI Africa. Published with permission.

PHOTO: Public Domain.