Live Action’s National Anti-Abortion Campaign Changes Hearts & Minds

Washington, DC –

 Every day in America, an average of 2,363 children are lost to the violence of abortion. Today, Live Action, one of the nation’s leading human rights nonprofits, with the largest and most engaged following in the global pro-life movement, launches 2363, a multi-million dollar national human rights campaign to raise awareness that abortion is the leading cause of death for children and to bring this national tragedy to an end.

The national campaign kicked off on Saturday at the historic Santa Monica Pier with Unite For Life LA, an event that featured appearances by leading pro-life figures including singer-songwriter Colton Dixon, former NFL player Andre Levrone Jr., speaker and survivor Lianna Rebolledo, Ohio Legislator Jena Powell, the Center for Medical Progress’ David Daleiden, former abortionist Dr. Kathi Aultman, abortion pill reversal patient and advocate Rebekah Hagan, and over 2,000 supporters in attendance. There, Lila Rose, Founder and President of Live Action, unveiled the organization’s 2363 campaign, asking everyone to visit, to watch the 2363 campaign video. 

Based on a national survey, after viewing the 2363 campaign video: 

  • The number of people who categorized their position as “abortion should never be legal” increased by 11%, from 33% to 44%. 
  • 62% of people said they now viewed abortion more negatively
  • 39% of people said they viewed abortion much more negatively
  • The number of people who said abortion should be legal at any time or even after birth dropped from 13% to 6%.

Rose explains, “Abortion is our leading cause of death, killing more people than heart disease, cancer, or COVID-19. With unprecedented attacks on human life coming from the highest levels of our federal government, it is more critical than ever that we stand for justice and unite for the lives of children. 2363 marks a historic pro-life initiative to help share with the truth about abortion, putting a true number to lives of children lost daily.”  

After launching in Los Angeles, 2363 will continue across the country — with an emphasis on New York City, Washington, D.C., and Jackson, Mississippi through print, radio, digital, TV ads, and out-of-home marketing.  This groundbreaking campaign will educate the nation on the humanity of  pre-born children, and our national imperative to protect them from the human rights abuse of abortion. The campaign will also connect women and families with life-saving resources, and equip new pro-life activists to end abortion in their communities.

Rose adds, “Every day, in the richest and most powerful nation in the history of the world, 2,363 children are killed by the violence of abortion. Science clearly reveals that human life begins at the moment of fertilization, when a unique, individual human life with his or her own genetic code comes into existence. By 21 days from fertilization, his or her heart will begin to beat, by 6 weeks, brain waves are already forming and by 9 weeks, the child can move his or her arms and legs and even hiccup. The facts about abortion are devastating, but must be known: these 2,363 precious lives are killed through chemical abortions – starved of nutrients, then forcibly aborted, or torn into pieces by suction and removed from their mothers, or torn limb from torso by forceps while still alive, before their skulls are crushed, or stabbed in the heart or head with a lethal injection. The mass killing of the innocent through abortion is the greatest crisis we face as human beings.”

“Many people remain misinformed or uneducated on abortion. By the end of this year, over 90% of the population of reproductive age in four of our nation’s most important cities will be exposed to the facts behind 2363,” says Rose. “As we approach the Supreme Court’s likely reversal of the constitutional fiction of Roe v. Wade, 2363 will equip human rights advocates to expose the deception of the abortion industry, and acknowledge and protect the basic human rights of the most vulnerable. 2363 is a number every American must know. Together we can go from 2,363 children lost each day to 0. ” 

Visit to view the 2363 campaign video and campaign resources.