PAKISTAN – The government recognizes the extraordinary services of Catholic schools


Karachi (Agenzia Fides) – “Education today is one of the most virtuous acts. We know the challenges that Catholic schools and teachers are facing, we recognize your ingenuity, extraordinary efforts and hard work for our students. We pay tribute to you for your great services for your contribution to the development of the nation in our Sindh Province. Missionary Schools are the backbone of knowledge and culture in our country. They provide quality and holistic education at an affordable price”, said Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Provincial Minister of Education in the Pakistani Province of Sindh, during a meeting with principals and teachers of Catholic schools that took place in recent days in Karachi.

As Fides learned, Syed Sardar Ali Shah also stated: “These outstanding services that we recognize “starts from a distant past. You have contributed to people’s education for more than 160 years, long before the founding of Pakistan and the founders of our country. It is not easy to run schools without government support. We appreciate your work that continue without any financial support from the government”. The Minister concluded by saying: “I will visit your schools, especially those designated as historic buildings, to address and resolve the existing problems. We will do our best to restore buildings of historical value”. The event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and the Karachi Scout Association, aimed to recognize the school principals, teachers and staff of the missionary educational institutions for their efforts to educate Pakistan’s youth. Numerous Catholic priests, religious and believers from Sindh Province were present. The school principal and staff at St. Joseph’s Convent School in Karachi received a special award for their services to education since 1862.

Rafiah Mallah, Deputy Director Registration & Inspection of Private Institutions Sindh, said: “We thank your missionary schools for providing excellent education and for contributing with the utmost sincerity and dedication to the future of our country and for providing equal learning opportunities for children of different ethnic and religious backgrounds with great love and care”.
“We are grateful to the government for recognizing and appreciating our missionary schools and for ensuring their support, this appreciation will allow us to continue our mission of educating children with zeal and dedication”, said Sisters Elizabeth Niamat FC, Rector of St. Joseph’s Convent School, in an interview with Fides.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, there are a total of 116 Catholic schools of all levels in Sindh Province: 60 in Karachi and 56 in the other cities of the province. There are 56,242 students enrolled (many of them Muslims) and 5,618 teachers work with great dedication. Prominent academics, politicians, doctors, engineers, intellectuals, writers, poets and artists have emerged from these institutions.

SOURCE (AG-PA) (Agenzia Fides)