Guest Post by Randi Altman: WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

Lisa’s Catholic Shop

by Randi Altman

DO something. Do SOMETHING —Andy Andrews

Starting is the hardest part of any endeavor. I spent a long time trying to decide where our saga started. Since I couldn’t find the beginning I’ve chosen to start with the “now”.

Getting here has been quite a journey, but finally we are settled in a place of our own. We are simple people, living what we hope is a quiet pious life. We have no money, well, none of our own. I’m retired and Casey is disabled. We raise dairy goats, rabbits, chickens…We pray a lot.

Living Simply.

Our house is small and…odd. The front room was designed to be the living room. Now it’s our chapel, a tiny kitchen for preparing (but not cooking) food. The food is cooked either on a home-built wood grill outside or the old Jòtul stove in the house. We have a tiny parlor that doubles as a sacristy. No tv or radio, just an old iPad and our phones.

The Tiny Oratory

We’ve never met many of the people whose names are written there. We have given many others rosaries and miraculous medals. And some have graced us with a sincere interest in true Catholicism.

The Chapel Wall

So why are we doing all of this? Jesus told me to. When I was working in a girls’ prison I was told to give a 13 year old “Plan B”, an abortion pill, in lieu of a rape kit. I was appalled and refused. Some policies just can’t be followed.

But this child, and this child’s child, plagued me. I had to do SOMETHING. I had no idea what.

Each time I chewed on a proper response the answer was, and is, the same. Take these children into a monastery, a mission, and give them a chance. Do it with Orthodox Catholicism. I wasn’t even Catholic! In fact, I was actively Jewish, with NO thought to changing my belief system.

But you will do God’s will even if you spend four years in the whale first. So we are now Catholic and we are building a community. ( My son took a different route than I, nonetheless, here we be.

The house, with some small amount of work could easily handle a priest and maybe 4 monks. Of course, that leaves us out in the cold, not to mention all those girls in need.

We are Children of Mary, Mother of Victories. We hope to be incorporated as a nonprofit within the year. But the cost is prohibitive and we have very little money.

This is what 2 old, beat-up people are doing. We won’t save the world with our tiny bit, because it is only a tiny bit. But if a billion people each pitch in a tiny bit we stand to make a very big difference.

No one can save the world. No senator, congressman, parliamentarian, no pundit or warrior can fix it. It is up to all of us, a joint effort.

God picked us especially for this time. We each have a role to play. Figure out what your role is and play it. This makes you a tiny piece of the solution. It is good for your physical and mental health, your family, and your community.

Stop waiting for someone to do something. Get off the couch and do it yourself

DO something; do SOMETHING!!

Published by The Chapel Walls

At the age of 57 I continued from traditional Judaism to traditional Catholicism along with my son. Oro pro nobis. Now we have a little oratory where we pray for the salvation of souls. We pray for 6 Billion souls and the names written on our chapel walls. If you would like us to pray for you simply send your name.

SOURCE Randi Altman