I AM TAKING RECOURSE: A Lesson on Vaccinations

The following is a guest post by Yvonne Bontkowski.

Some 18+ years ago I came to the repulsive knowledge that some vaccines were created and contain Aborted Fetal Cell lines. I’ll never forget that day, it changed my life forever.

I was a young Military wife to 5 sons and pregnant with our 6th child. My then 4 year old was getting ready to start pre-school and the state which we resided had just passed a Chickenpox vaccine mandate. I thought, seriously? Chickenpox?  So my investigative over thinking self, got on the computer and started researching.

I read through a tremendous amount of material about the mandate but really found nothing too significant on why kids don’t need the Chickenpox vaccine. After all, we’ve all had it, even my older children at the time. Nevertheless, the next evening after the kids settled into bed, I was at it again. I always had a knack for word play, I think I typed in something like “chickenpox, Catholic”. Again, it talked about vaccine mandates and half way down the page came an article from Judy Brown of American Life League. I clicked the link and my jaw dropped to the floor as I read about the vaccine, its origins and its connection to abortion.

I couldn’t sleep all night and I couldn’t wait to tell my husband what I had found! When I finally woke up, the hustle and bustle of our morning routine was in full force. 5 kids to feed, get dressed, pack lunches, load em up in the van and head out the door to get the older ones to school. Of course my mind was distracted all morning until nap time when I got back to the computer to re-read the article. Again, I sat there so repulsed that something stirred inside me and I knew that I had to find out more and do something!  I picked up the phone and called Judy. Those were the days when Judy was still at the office at ALL every day. We had a wonderful conversation as I poured out my heart that was so outraged. She proceeded to tell me that wasn’t the ONLY vaccine that contained residual DNA from the abortions. My anger and sorrow only grew and I couldn’t fathom that I had injected my older children with these “tainted” vaccines.

Judy put me in contact with Debi Vinnedge of Children of God for Life. It was truly an act of Divine Providence and truly still is. After hours of talking to Debi, I did find some solace. She had so much knowledge and of course I wasn’t the only Mother calling her in the early years. As more and more people found out, the more consoling Debi was so absolutely willing to give. I needed to hear, it wasn’t your fault. I needed to hear, you didn’t know. I needed to hear that you didn’t sin. I can tell you, her words resounded and her counsel touched me in such a way that I knew God had planted a seed that would truly endure forever.

I became active in research for Children of God for Life and ran the Illinois State affiliate. I went to clergy, pro-life leaders and everyone and anyone I ran into to spread the word, distribute brochures and advance the mission to put an END to the use of Aborted Fetal Cell Lines in vaccines. As my knowledge grew, so many tremendous blessings came forth. I have truly met some of the BEST people on the frontlines in the defense of life and one small thing led to one amazing thing after another.

When Debi announced she was ready to retire, I knew in my heart for a while that this day would soon come. I think a part of me, at least on the outside, was in total denial because we were so successful in creating awareness, stopping various pharmaceuticals from using the cell lines, exposing newly created cell lines, the Pepsi fiasco and our mission just kept spreading like wildfire as more and more people came to the knowledge of the issue. I kept convincing myself… Nah, this really won’t be over.. Am I ready to just walk away?…

God Always has a plan.

It’s true as they say that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.  My plan was to step away as soon as Debi did and quietly drift into something else. My perception was that even though the door was closing, God would open a window that would lead me into something new. That He did.

I, alongside of Children of God for Life’s former Media Advisor, Michelle VerBurg, have founded an organization that will ensure the work we started & participated in will NOT go unfinished.
Debi had been such an incredible teacher, mentor, friend & Mother to both of us. No obstacle was too great & no challenget was too difficult to overcome. God had truly and sincerely always provided a way. With the encouragement and support of our family, many life-long friends, fellow pro-life leaders and advocates we announce the Founding of Taking Recourse.

As the 2005 Pontifical Academy for Life Document clearly states: “Therefore, doctors and fathers of families have a duty to take recourse to alternative vaccines (if they exist), putting pressure on the political authorities and health systems so that other vaccines without moral problems become available. They should take recourse, if necessary, to the use of conscientious objection with regard to the use of vaccines produced by means of cell lines of aborted human foetal origin.”

Indeed, we are Taking Recourse to research, share and be actively engaged in the ongoing discussion and resolution of the use of aborted fetal cell lines in today’s vaccine, pharmaceutical and consumer products. We seek to follow faithfully and humbly the guidance put forth by the Vatican in 2005.

 Yvonne Bontkowski was was born in 1967 in Chicago Illinois and raised in a devout immigrant Polish Catholic family.  In 2002 she joined the prolife organization, Children of God for Life as a Research Official  until her retirement in 2020.  During that time, she assisted with investigating vaccines and other medicines that either contained or utilized aborted fetal material in their development and production.  In addition, she helped uncover the gruesome details of the numerous abortions involved as scientists very casually and  graphically described the details and methods used to obtain fresh organs and tissues

Yvonne founded the new organization, Taking Recourse, in faithful obedience to the admonition of the Pontifical Academy for Life, which stated in 2005 that there is a duty to “take recourse” to moral alternatives and to make one’s protest known to the pharmaceutical industry in order put an end to the gross exploitation of aborted children in scientific research.  Her work is focused on educating the public regarding both previous and current research on vaccines, medicines and other consumer products produced using aborted fetal cell lines.

She is currently a homeschooling mom of 8 children, married 31 years to her recently retired US Marine husband, Sean, and resides in southwest Wisconsin.