Mitch McConnell Reflects on the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks

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“Twenty years ago, our country was forever changed.

“On September 11th, 2001, the American people suffered the worst attack on our homeland in history.

“Terrorists brutally murdered thousands, shattered families, and tried to tear down our core national beliefs.

“No American community was untouched by the attacks. Nor by the War on Terror we fought to bring the attackers to justice and protect our homeland.

“Alongside our NATO allies, we brought the fight to the enemy.

“In Kentucky, we proudly sent our best – from Fort Campbell, Fort Knox, and the National Guard – to root out terrorists and neutralize the threat they pose.

“And our entire nation banded together. We stayed true to the sacred American values the terrorists tried to destroy.

“As we reflect on today’s tragic anniversary, we’ll remember the thousands of innocent Americans who perished.

“We’ll pay tribute to the heroes in uniform – first our brave responders, and then members of our Armed Forces — who made the ultimate sacrifice in the hours, days, and years following.

“And we must recommit ourselves once again to understanding the reality in which we live.

“Twenty years later, terrorists still wish us harm. Determination and vigilance are still our duty.

“And the pledge ‘Never Again’ must remain our solemn commitment.”

SOURCE Mitch McConnell

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