Fr. Pavone to Texas Heartbeat Law opponents: Come and take it. We’re ready.

Mystic Monk Coffee

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, has a message for lawmakers and others throughout the country who oppose the Texas Heartbeat Law and the protections it extends to unborn children:

“If you don’t like the law, come and take it. We’re ready.”

Father Pavone said he and other national pro-life leaders have been gauging the increasingly hysterical reaction that pro-abortion activists, politicians and media pundits have had to the law and to pro-lifers.

“We know full well that the other side is in hysterics, but their reaction is not reasonable,” he said. “They are reading things into the law that aren’t there and in desperation are striking out at pro-lifers. But that’s what they have been doing for almost 50 years, so we’re used to it.

“We are ready to do battle on a number of fronts. First and foremost, and as always, the pro-life movement stands ready to extend a hand to any woman who had been planning an abortion and now is planning instead for the birth of her child. We are here to help.

“We are ready for the legal challenges to come because we are confident that the Texas Heartbeat Law has staying power. 

“We are ready to extract the political price from politicians, starting with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who have injected the federal government into places it does not belong. They could have let this law follow its course – facing legal challenges along the way. Instead they have looked to impose their radical abortion ideology on a state whose democratically elected lawmakers passed this life-saving bill.

“We are ready, finally, to use the attention being paid to this law as a teachable moment, when we can show and tell ordinarily complacent Americans about life in womb. My Heart Beats Just Like Yours, a Priests for Life initiative launched shortly before the Texas law was enacted, aims to introduce people to the unborn children in the early stages of pregnancy, when they are most likely to be aborted. There is no longer a way for abortion extremists to ignore the science. A separate and unique human being dies in every single abortion.”

Father Pavone concluded: “The pro-life movement is advancing. We are winning, and the other side knows it. And we will not stop until every child is protected, every Mom and Dad assisted, and every wound healed. So if you oppose it, then as Texans say (and I myself have been a resident of Texas), come and take it.*
•    The expression “come and take it” stems from the Battle of Gonzales in 1835, when American colonists refused to give a cannon back to the Mexican army. The famous flag from that Gonzales clash has become a hallmark of Texas pride.

SOURCE Priests For Life