TX Methodist Health Services Grants Exemptions After Demand Letter

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DALLAS, TX – Within five hours of Liberty Counsel’s demand letter to Methodist Health System (MHS) on behalf of four employees regarding its unlawful denials of religious exemptions for the COVID shot mandates, three of the employees were granted immediate exemptions. The fourth exemption is expected soon.

After Liberty Counsel’s press release went out yesterday, many more health care workers have come forward confirming that MHS’s unlawful conduct toward its employees is widespread. Therefore, all MHS employees seeking religious exemptions are encouraged to do so immediately. Those who have been denied religious exemptions are encouraged to contact Liberty Counsel for assistance.

MHS has advised its employees their deadline to be fully vaccinated is October 1, 2021, and they must request a religious exemption by September 10, 2021. However, MHS has not informed its employees that its apparent intent of the “MHS Exemption Committee” is to deny nearly all requests, regardless of merit, in order to pressure its employees to abandon their requests and violate their consciences to keep their jobs.

Yesterday, three of the employees were notified that, “The Exemption Committee re-analyzed some of the exemption requests that were submitted and had been initially denied…and has reversed its initial decision and has now approved your exemption.”

The four employees represented by Liberty Counsel submitted religious exemptions because of their sincere religious beliefs regarding the association between the COVID shots and aborted fetal cell lines. All three of the currently available COVID injections are produced by, derived from, manufactured with, tested on, developed with, or otherwise connected to or associated with aborted fetal cell lines. The employees submitted the religious exemption form in a timely manner, and all were unlawfully denied. MHS is accusing the employees of religious ignorance and fraud, either for believing “erroneous information” that the injections are associated with aborted fetal cell lines, or for holding theological beliefs that purportedly contradict their declared denomination’s public statement against the injections.

Texas law dictates that employees at Methodist Health System have the fundamental right to determine what medical care to accept and refuse. It also protects the rights of all health care workers to abstain from participation in abortion. In addition, the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act requires employers to accommodate employees’ sincere religious beliefs.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “We are happy for these health care workers who received religious accommodations. However, many more have been denied by the sham committee designed to force employees to take these shots. What kind of an employer acts this way toward these health care heroes?”

SOURCE Liberty Counsel