Bauer: The Totalitarian Left

The Totalitarian Left, by Gary Bauer

Reverend Patrick Mahoney, of the Christian Defense Coalition, has been working in Washington, D.C., for 30 years.  Over that time, he has held many events on Capitol Hill, including prayer vigils on Good Friday. 
But Rev. Mahoney’s permit to hold a Good Friday prayer vigil on Capitol Hill tomorrow was denied.  So, he’s suing Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Harris in her capacity as president of the Senate.
Why was his permit denied?  The Capitol is not closed.  Members of Congress have been showing up for work and casting votes regularly.  You can make appointments to see members and visit the leadership in their Capitol Hill offices. 
Do they really think Rev. Mahoney is a security threat?  There’s absolutely no security risk at all.  Besides, Congress is out of session for two weeks! 
But using January 6th as the excuse, the only thing being banned is the First Amendment – the freedom of assembly and the freedom of religion.  And that’s very telling. 
This is what the left does wherever it gets control.  If you live in a left-wing state, you had a more difficult time practicing your faith and peaceably assembling during the entire pandemic.  If you lived in a conservative state, you had greater opportunities to exercise your faith and express your views. 
The left has a totalitarian impulse, and we see it every time the left controls the levers of power.
Here’s another example:  The intolerant radicals pushing critical race theory in the Virginia public schools are demanding that every school teacher toe the line or be fired.  So much for free speech and academic freedom!


SOURCE: Campaign for Working Families

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