Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Grave and Unique Character of Abortion-tainted Vaccines

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Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Grave and Unique Character of Abortion-tainted Vaccines

The following is a portion of a statement by Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the use of COVID vaccines that are made using the cells of aborted babies. You can read his full statement at Crisis Magazine.

The Grave and Unique Character of Abortion-tainted Vaccines

How can we, with maximum of determination, be and proclaim to be against abortion, when we accept abortion-tainted vaccines whose origin lies in the murder of a child? Both logic and common-sense demand that we not accept such vaccines or medicines. In difficult times of great confusion, God often uses the simple and the little ones who tell the truth while the majority swims with the tide. Unfortunately, many people in the Church, and even some Catholic pro-life organizations, are swimming with the tide on the specific question of abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines. It seems that many theologians, and even the Holy See and the vast majority of bishops, are also swimming with the tide, and there remains only a minority in the Church of our day which is saying, “Stop. This is not good. This is a danger!” As Christians, it is our duty to bear witness to the world by not accepting these vaccines and medicines.

One might ask the proponents of the moral licitness of the use of abortion-tainted vaccines or medicines the following question, “If you travelled back in time and witnessed the gruesome murder of an unborn child, the dismemberment of his body, the harvesting of his tissue, and his cells then processed in the lab, even if there were hundreds of chemical processes involved with that particular vaccine or medicine, could you with a clear conscience receive such a vaccine or medicine into your body?” It is hard to imagine that they could, as they would have before their eyes the scene of a child being dismembered and are now physically benefitting from the use of his cells.

The distinction is often made between the direct presence of fetal cell lines originating from the murder of an unborn child in a vaccine and their use in testing, and certainly the latter is objectively less grave. But we still cannot accept the use of these cell lines even for testing, as it brings us closer to the crime of marketing the cells from murdered babies. In this case, too, there is an accumulation of horrible crimes. The first crime is to have killed a child. The second is to have used and processed these cell lines. To then use these cell lines for testing is yet another crime. We cannot collaborate in this accumulation of crimes and we cannot benefit in any way from their “by-products.”

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