Cardinal Burke Offers Pastoral Insight for Catholics Bewildered by President Biden’s Public Example (Airing Announced Mar. 30)

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Cardinal Burke Offers Pastoral Insight for Catholics Bewildered by President Biden’s Public Example (Airing Announced March 30)

SAN DIEGO, California, March 30, 2021 – Christian Newswire — From his residence in Rome, American Cardinal Raymond Burke responded pastorally to questions posed by Thomas McKenna, Founder of Catholic Action for Faith and Family and host of the monthly broadcast “Conversations with Cardinal Burke.” The interview addressed a variety of topics but highlighted the issues related to priests celebrating Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica and what the consequences could be for President Biden’s opposing Church teachings in his administration.

A major issue on the minds of Catholics and others today relates to President Biden who continues to tout his Catholic faith while taking aggressive measures to promote public policies in direct contradiction with Catholic doctrine. While the President has been receiving condemnation from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and others concerned that his party’s abortion and anti-family agenda would advance morel evils, by all accounts these appeals have fallen on deaf ears rendering a dichotomy that has Catholics bewildered and up-in-arms on what can or should be done.

In the 25-minute interview, Cardinal Burke articulates in clear and unwavering terms a set of prudent steps of pastoral care and concern not only for the scandal given to others but also for President Biden’s own salvation. He explained that politicians who use the sacraments for a political end and who pretend to be devout Catholics to give the impression to gain support of Catholics, are in fact not Catholic.

He reiterated the point that “a person who obstinately and publicly denies truths of the faith and acts against the truths of the faith or the moral law, may not present themselves for Holy Communion.”

In the interview, Cardinal Burke also weighs in on the recent document published March 12th by the First Section (General Affairs) of the Secretariat of State of Pope Francis imposing concelebration upon the priests who celebrate Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. He explained canonical and doctrinal consequences it can have.

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SOURCE Catholic Action for Faith and Family


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  1. Burke is a great priest…period. The only problem with him and likeminded bishops is the lack of coordinated strength pushing back on the evils within the Church. People like Biden, Pelosi, and Kerry should be called on the mat for their sacrilegious acts – plain and simple. Yet they let these apostates carry on with immunity. In a similar vein, they have yet to get the “pope” back in line with the teachings of the Church. Again, though a holy man the lack of results are just nice words upon the air. I’m sure there is more to the situation then meets the eye but the faithful are languishing without proper leadership. Pax


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