Gary Bauer: Left-wing Intolerance

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By Gary Bauer

For basketball fans, it’s March Madness time. And the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles are on a roll at the NCAA tournament. The Number 15 seed Golden Eagles have knocked out Number 2 Ohio State and the Number 7 seed Florida Gators.

But not everyone is happy about the stunning success of the Golden Eagles, and I don’t mean just Ohio State and Florida fans.

USA Today’s Race and Inclusion Editor Hemal Jhaveri wrote an editorial Tuesday suggesting that Oral Roberts should not be allowed to participate in the NCAA tournament because its players adhere to traditional Christians values.

Students voluntarily attend Oral Roberts University. But Jhaveri is upset that they pledge to maintain certain standards of personal conduct one might expect from a Christian school. She accused the school, and by extension the basketball team, of being bigots and against the values of the NCAA. By the way, 11 of the 16 players on the team are young men of color.

Now, we know what the NCAA’s values are. We’ve seen the NCAA abuse its power to intimidate states from passing laws to protect religious liberty.

My friends, it’s the USA Today editorial that is bigoted and intolerant. And you don’t have to be a sports fan to understand the threat it represents to all Christians.

If Christian basketball players can’t take part in an NCAA tournament because their views are “wildly out of line with modern society,” as Jhaveri put it, then why should evangelical Christians be allowed to manage your bank? Teach at your school? Be a lawyer in our courts? Or a representative in Congress?

I have been warning Christians for decades that the left’s mantra of tolerance, which it uses to seduce young Christians, is nothing but a Trojan horse. The left is increasingly intolerant of traditional Christian values, and its goal is to drive us out of the public square and into the closet.

For years the left insisted, “You can’t legislate morality.” Well, the left is doing exactly that – forcing its morality on us!

No society has neutrality as its leading value. Every society stands for something. Communist China stands for the values of Karl Marx and Chairman Mao. Iran stands for the values of the ayatollah and his version of Islam.

America was built on Judeo-Christian values. But now radical secularists, in the name of tolerance and inclusion, are arguing that Christian basketball players should be excluded from college sports.

Men and women of faith must wake up and defend their rights, while they still can.


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