Covid Passports: What Are Different Countries Planning?

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BBC — EU leaders are discussing the introduction of a “Digital Green Certificate” in time for Europe’s summer, but some countries, inside and outside the EU, have already announced plans for so-called “vaccine passports”.

How will the EU vaccine passport work?

The aim of the EU pass is to get travel moving across borders by Europe’s summer, “without discrimination”, but getting it all organised in a short space of time will be a significant challenge.

The certificate, either digital or on paper, will enable anyone vaccinated against Covid, or who has tested negative, or recently recovered from the virus, to travel across all 27 member states. The EU also wants to include non-EU countries including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

Key to the digital certificate is a QR code – a machine-readable graphic code made up of black and white squares – that contains personal data and the EU’s Commission says it will be safe and secure. It is working with the World Health Organization to ensure the certificate is recognised beyond Europe.


PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Kappel

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