My First TLM – Actual Impressions

In a previous post, I declined to offer my opinion about my first Traditional Latin Mass because I was discouraged to do so by people on Twitter. Given that some have expressed disappointment, I’ve decided to give my actual impressions.

1.) It’s in Latin. I did not find this appealing because it was a distraction. I didn’t have a missal, but even if I had had one, I think I would have been very distracted. Distractions during the Mass are not good, for obvious reasons.

2.) There are no women around the altar or lectern. In my opinion, this is a good thing. Enough said.

3.) There was no singing. Mind you, I cannot stand a lot of the songs sung at the Ordinary Form Mass that I attend. They seem irreverent and distracting. Having said that, no music at all seemed irreverent.

4.) There was no sign of peace. I can take it or leave it. Mostly, I don’t care for the sign of peace at the OF, so mostly I can leave it.

5.) There were some people talking near me after Mass near the back. A woman came up and scolded them. Talking in the sanctuary is a bad thing but, in my opinion, so is scolding. Just my opinion.

All in all, I do not prefer either the OF (Ordinary Form) or the EF (Extraordinary Form). Both have distractions. The best Mass I ever went to was the first Mass that I went to as an adult which was an OF. I converted to Catholicism because I found Jesus in the Eucharist at the consecration. It was quite reverent, if you ask me. In fact, it was so reverent that I would say it gave the honor due to God. Had I attended a TLM my first time, I doubt I would have caught it because it was in Latin and I didn’t have a missal. I didn’t have a missal at my first OF Mass, either, but it didn’t matter. I heard, and believed.

So, there ya go. I hope you’ve found this helpful. Feel free to blow up and tell me how wrong I am, but that is my experience.

Photo Credit: Latin, by tigerweet


  1. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Lisa. Never been to a TLM, I might. There’s one pretty close. Hope you made it back to KY safely.


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