South Korean Christians back criticism of North Korea

UCA News — Catholics and Protestants in South Korea have voiced support for a movement that seeks to amend reconciliation legislation that bars any criticism of the communist regime.

The North Korean diaspora, including refugee groups in South Korea and North Korean rights activists in the United States, has been pressing for amendment of the Development of Inter-Korean Relations Act 2005, also known as the Act on the Prohibition of Spreading Warfare Against North Korea.

The movement wants South Korea to amend the law to allow criticism of human rights violations by the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un.

During an online public hearing on Jan. 11, Catholic and Protestant leaders voiced support for the move.

The event was jointly organized by the Korean Catholic Bishops’ National Reconciliation Committee and the Reconciliation and Unification Committee of the Korean Christian Church Council (NCCK), an ecumenical body.


PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Frohnhofer