The Guardian warns readers about Christians

Isn’t it nice to have the Guardian around to warn everyone that the Christians are coming?

The Guardian reports:

Donald Trump is set to leave the White House and Republicans are about to relinquish control of the Senate, but experts are warning the US is facing a wave of rightwing ‘Christian nationalist’ legislation in 2021, as the religious right aims to thrust Christianity into everyday American life.

With the supreme court now dominated by Trump-appointed conservative justices, elected officials in states across the country are set to introduce bills which would hack away at LGTBQ rights, reproductive rights, challenge the ability of couples to adopt children, and see religion forced into classrooms, according to a report by the American Atheists organization.

Does this mean that Satan loves Democrats? I think we can infer that.

Given that Satan loves Democrats and given that Democrats control the House, atheists have nothing to worry about these days….except their souls.