America’s Real Crisis

By Judie Brown

The news media and many in the general population are immersed in the recent laments of fraudimpeachmenthate, and bodily safety. All of these are perhaps of some concern, but are they the real causes for what is ailing this nation?

The simple answer to that question is no, far from it.

The events of the past week remind us of the wisdom of John, who wrote: “We also know that the Son of God has come and has given us discernment to know the one who is true. And we are in the one who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.”

In these words, we find the source of the real crisis in America.

Randy Engel, investigative reporter, wrote in a recent e-mail that “the Left/Right dichotomy is a false one. There is only God and [there are] those who are for Him and those who are against Him.” Indeed, it is there that we find the locus of America’s disease. For nearly 50 years, we the people have looked the other way as millions of our fellow Americans have gone silently to their graves. Each of these human beings was, and is, the victim of the vilest crime our nation has ever legally imposed—the act of abortion.

Presidents have come and gone, and still we kill.

Americans may not call it killing people, and God forbid the nation admits that each act is intentional murder, but we kill nonetheless.

And now we wonder what is wrong with our nation. Folks, this is not about a building in Washington, DC, or a man who is leaving office or coming into office. This is about moral bankruptcy that has finally come to a head.

St. John Paul II taught that genuine democracy “can come into being and develop only on the basis of the equality of all its members, who possess common rights and duties. When it is a matter of the moral norms prohibiting intrinsic evil, there are no privileges or exceptions for anyone. It makes no difference whether one is the master of the world or the ‘poorest of the poor’ on the face of the earth. Before the demands of morality we are all absolutely equal.”

And there it is. Here in America, not every member of our American family is equal. An entire class of people has been summarily condemned to death at the whim of his mother. And that is what is really wrong with our nation.

How much blood can we shed before the very idea of moral behavior—including civility and humane treatment of each other—is out the window? I think we know that time is upon us this very moment.

You see, genuine democracy, as Pope Pius XII explained, must be based on the “immutable principles of the natural law and revealed truth.” Otherwise, democracy is a fraud.

Our work is cut out for us, and the message is clear. We currently reside in a morally bankrupt nation, and after all these years of decriminalized murder, the result is the mayhem we have in our midst. So we have a plan for restoring moral sanity.

Turn to Mary for her guidance and her protection. Pray the Rosary. Join the Marian Blue Wave and focus on the good that comes from our trust in the Lord and His Blessed Mother.

Continue teaching that every preborn child is precious in the eyes of God and that, until each child is precious in the eyes of all of our fellow Americans, no election of any kind can heal our nation.

Trust in the goodness of God. He is our Father, and in Him resides all the courage, the will, and the inspiration we need to make a difference as individuals in restoring peace, one life at a time.

America’s real crisis is a lack of trust in God. We are called to be His messengers in this time of darkness. The devil will not win!


PHOTO: Evan Long

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