Leftwing National Catholic Reporter: ‘Catholic Apologists for Trump Have Blood on Their Hands’

BREITBART — The editorial staff of the leftwing National Catholic Reporter fussed and fumed that Catholic supporters of President Donald Trump “have blood on their hands” after the violent chaos that erupted at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

The editors wrote Thursday:

Clearly, the current resident of the White House who for months has repeatedly and deliberately lied about nonexistent election fraud, and who, even as Confederate-flag wielding thugs strolled throughout the Capitol, is guilty of inciting violence in his morning speech on the Ellipse. Later in the day, he would express “love” for what can only be described as domestic terrorists.

“Many Americans expressed shock as they watched the violent mob smash glass and scale the walls while members of Congress cowered under desks or rushed to secure bunkers,” the Reporter editors continued. “We were not surprised.”

The leftwing group then named names:


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