Group of Protestants Issue ‘Religious Declaration on Human Sexual Morality’

A Protestant organization has issued the following press release today, January 6, 2021:

NASHVILLE, Jan. 6, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — In the face of the wholesale of sanctioning of gross sexual immorality in our culture, Mastering Life Ministries has issued a statement on the biblical model for human sexual expression – behavior that pleases God rather than brings judgment.

It is called the “Religious Declaration on Human Sexual Morality” and has already garnered almost 600 signatures from major leaders and laypeople.

The world has lost its mind on the issue of human sexuality. Easily half the visible Church has gone apostate over the matter. People no longer have an anchor and no longer know what to believe and why.

Take your stand with Christian leaders & laypersons from around the world and add your name to this document. It is a summary of biblical teaching on human sexuality, composed by Dr. David Kyle Foster (M-Div-Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; D-Min-Trinity School for Ministry).

Read and download a pdf of the document at the link below. If it represents your personal beliefs and/or that of your church, ministry or organization, you may sign the document at:

We are hoping for tens of thousands of Christian leaders, laypeople, and media outlets to get on board. It is a vital witness to God’s truth for those who are unschooled or confused by what the world and the apostate church have been teaching.

Let’s speak out! As they say: “It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” Let’s bless the world with the brilliant light of God’s eternal Word. As the prophets of old learned, whether the world follows God’s design or not, a witness must be borne to satisfy all righteousness.

For thirty-three years, Mastering Life Ministries has borne witness to God’s design for sexuality through television, film, radio, podcasts, conferences and countless other venues. It’s founder, Dr. David Kyle Foster, is the author of The Sexual Healing Reference Edition, Transformed Into His Image and Love Hunger. (

SOURCE Mastering Life Ministries

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