Protestant Pastor Warns, the Church Fathers May Convince People to Convert to Catholicism

by Lisa Graas, Pierced Hearts

Dear Readers,

I post a lot of press releases on this blog, generally without commentary. If I disagree with them, generally I will not post them, but I got such a kick out of this one that I couldn’t resist. It’s from an evangelical pastor named Dan Corner of Evangelical Outreach. According to him, the writings of the Church Fathers are dangerous because they may convince people to convert to Catholicism.

Corner writes:

People have heard of the Church Fathers influencing people to the point where they actually departed from the faith and converted to Catholicism. Even non Catholic sources, like David Bercot, have de-emphasized scripture by magnifying the Church Fathers.

Give me a choice between listening to Dan Corner and the Church Fathers and I’ll listen to the Fathers every time.

Yours Truly,

Lisa Graas, Eucharistic convert to Catholicism and editor of Pierced Hearts


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