Warnock Not Worthy of Black Voters

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ — Bishop E.W. Jackson has for years urged black Americans to stop voting for Democrats. He has been especially focused on black Christians, whose values he says have been rejected by the Democrat Party. “Most black Americans are Christians,” says the Bishop. “They are pro-life and pro-traditional family. The Democrat Party is pro-abortion, pro-radical feminism and pro-LGBT. This puts them at odds with the black Christian community. Furthermore, the greatest need in the black community is the rebuilding and strengthening of the family. Abortion, gender confusion and attacks on manhood are hardly in the best interests of black voters.”

Black Americans still vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Jackson is convinced this is changing. He says, “It took nearly forty years for black voters to switch from Republican to Democrat between 1930 and 1970. Democrats have been promising prosperity to the black community for half a century, but delivered nothing but ghettoes, street violence and murder, poor education, functional illiteracy, broken families and government dependence. Having no substantive record to point to, they use fear and racial demagoguery.”

The radio spots can be heard at this link.


One of the radio stations – WAAW 94.7 FM – refused the ads, claiming they were “unloving.” Another – WEAM 100.7 FM – accepted only the ad on Warnock’s Marxism, but refused ads on his pro-abortion policies and support for the LGBT agenda. The PAC is considering legal options against these stations, but for now is focusing on placing the ads with radio stations willing to run them.

“If Georgia voters send Warnock and Ossoff to the U.S. Senate,” says Bishop Jackson, “it will not only be a curse on Georgia, but on the entire nation. It means Chuck Schumer and radical Democrats will take over the Senate. In these hotly contested run-off races, black voters could hold the key to Republican victory. No matter what the outcome of the Georgia election, we’re going to keep up this fight to rescue black Americans and the country from the destructive policies and influence of the Democrat Party.”


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