Nigerian Christian group delivers food, money to children left orphaned by jihadist attacks

Nigerian children left orphaned after their parents were killed in attacks by radical Fulani tribesmen received food and money from the Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria this Christmas.

On Dec. 23, ECCVN hosted Christmas celebrations in several Central Nigerian states that gave widows and orphans shopping supplies, food, facemasks and cash. Over 1,800 orphans received gifts from the organization at the events. At the celebrations, the children dressed in Christmas Santa hats and painted their faces. One of ECCVN’s employees dressed as Santa Claus.

Nigeria has some of the highest orphan numbers on the African continent, with an estimated 17.5 million orphans today. Terrorist groups including Boko Haram have killed the parents of many Nigerian children. Radical Islamists have killed over 34,400 Nigerian Christians since 2009. Children have also been orphaned by HIV and other causes.


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