Teenage Cartoonist Becomes Amazon Best Selling Author Publishing ‘Jake’s Door’ a Collection of Hilarious Whiteboard ‘Door Comics’

DENVER, Dec. 29, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ — Jake Hamilton a teenage prodigy cartoonist became an Amazon Best Seller on his 15th birthday! Jake got the “#1 New Release” award for 2 categories, on his first release of Jake’s Door a collection of unique style comics drawn on his bedroom door whiteboard.

Jake has drawn thousand from around the world that follow him and plug in to read his comics. According to David Hamilton his father mentor and best friend, “As his comic portfolio (and his on-line following) continue to grow, the most frequently asked question we receive seems to be: ‘Where do these ideas come from?’ My typical response is that I have no idea, like an endless spring, they just keep bubbling up into his mind, then into his sketchbook, then onto his white board.”

Jake has the ability to capture real life situations and use comic to deliver a captivating message. In the same manner that other cartoonist such as Gary Larson’s The Far Side, with his influences being from Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, and XKCD to capture the heart and minds of millions around the world.

This is what they are saying about Jake:

  • “I like everything about Jake’s cartoons, the easy and simple visual style, the wit, the dry sense of humor. These are wonderful cartoons, with several at New Yorker-level quality. BTW, I am the author of 100 books, and Jake is a better author at age 14 than I am at 63.” — Bob Bly Copywriting legend, www.Bly.com
  • “Jake’s ability to set up, and then slam dunk a laugh, in the span of just a couple panels is brilliant. The immediate comparison is to Gary Larson.  But some of these are next level conceptual thinking. Page 9 would make M.C. Escher proud. And page 73 belongs in a pitch to NETFLIX.  This is a set of ironic, sarcastic, and often dark tales that belong in the company of the ‘Sunday funnies’ greats.” — Ian Hannin Artist and Designer, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney, Netflix, Hulu
  • “This book is bonkers good. Someone should make it into a movie.” — Jason Brubaker LA based Indie Filmmaker

Jake’s Book can be ordered at amazon.com

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