Hatred Exists – So Does Murder — Get Over the Hatred and Condemn the Murder

Today, in my community of less than 7,000 people in central Kentucky, there was a “Black Lives Matter” protest on the town square. About 25 people came out against racism. About the same number came out to support the police and to defend our community against the claims of “open racism.”

Certainly, this brought the plight of George Floyd home for me. It was a travesty, what happened to him. At the same time, I was disgusted that people in my community were saying that “systemic racism” exists even here. I was disgusted because, having lived here all my life, I know that the black community in my town is made up of highly respected members of the community-at-large. I see no racism here. Maybe it exists. So what if it does? Get over it.

You may be shocked to find me so flippant about racism. I abhor racism, but think about it. Racism is only one form of hatred. There are other forms: anti-Semitism, anti-traditionalism, anti-Catholicism, and of course, hatred for those in other political parties. You can probably think of other forms of hatred. It’s time to get over what other people think and start condemning bad actions, especially murder itself.

I am a Catholic. I can’t tell you the number of times people (especially atheists) have thrown up in my face the fact that some priests have sexually abused young boys. The thinking that is out there among many people who aren’t Catholic is that all priests are pedophiles. Statistics show otherwise, but that’s what they think. There are a lot of people who think that way and they certainly aren’t shy with me about expressing it. It’s hateful. It’s no different than thinking all blacks are criminals…but I get over it. I suck it up and go on with my life. I try not to hate them back. It’s hard, but I do try. Hatred can be a difficult thing to overcome, can’t it?

If a priest were murdered by someone who hates priests, you’d better believe I’d be upset about it. I would hope that everyone would stand up and condemn it. I would even hope that everyone would decry anti-Catholicism in all its forms. If it were nationwide, all the better. However, I wouldn’t expect non-Catholics to kneel and beg my forgiveness for their failure in not accepting Catholicism as a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t go out in the streets with fellow Catholics and protest. I certainly wouldn’t destroy property and even go so far as to kill people.

There was a time when killing Catholics was the popular thing to do. Read up on Queen Elizabeth I. She murdered Catholics. Her image is still honored in Britain today. Catholics don’t demand that protestant Brits kneel to them and apologize for what Queen Elizabeth I did to Catholics. We don’t even ask that her image be taken down. We will never forget…but at the same time, we got over it in a very real sense.

If there is anything that pains me about today’s society the most, it’s murder. Especially, murder of the innocent. If someone murdered a priest today out of a sense of anti-Catholicism, I would want prosecution of the guilty party to the fullest extent of the law (apart from the death penalty, which I am against). Still, I could never expect others to subjugate themselves to keep my feelings from being hurt. Yet, this is exactly what is happening with the Black Lives Matter movement. Across the country, police officers, mayors, city council members, and even members of Congress are “taking a knee” in subjugation to the black community. It’s appalling, folks. It’s the “thought police” at work. It makes me shudder to think of myself becoming a human being who expects other human beings to kneel to her. (((Shudder.))) It is atrocious to think of someone making a black person kneel to a white person. It is just as atrocious to make a white person kneel to a black person. Subjugation is bad, no matter who is doing it.

Again, murder is the thing I hate the most. I hate what happened to George Floyd. Hate it. His murderer deserves a sentence of life in prison. At the same time, I hate what is happening to black babies around the country. Planned Parenthood, which was founded by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, has killed more black babies than white babies, relative to population, probably because they plant their abortion clinics primarily in poor, black neighborhoods. Some people at Planned Parenthood, like Margaret Sanger in her day, believe that the way to get rid of poverty is to kill the babies of poor women, especially black women. Hatred exists in many forms.

I’m tired of murder. I’m tired of racism. I can’t support Black Lives Matter, though, because they are not only SILENT about the murder of black babies, they also align themselves politically with Democrats whose platform endorses abortion. Democrats treat abortion as a sacrament. They fund the racist Planned Parenthood organization. In turn, Planned Parenthood financially backs pro-abortion Democrats.

I’m tired of racism. I’m tired of murder. Racism will always exist, just as anti-Catholicism will. Get over it. Stop the murder. Save the babies. Western Civilization depends on it.

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