Judge sentences 80-year-old Catholic activist for breaking into nuclear submarine base

(RNS) — A U.S. District Court judge has sentenced an 80-year-old Catholic peace activist to time already served for trespassing onto the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in St. Marys, Georgia, more than two years ago as part of a symbolic nuclear disarmament action.

Elizabeth McAlister, a former nun with the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, had already served 17 months in a Glynn County Detention Center in Brunswick, Georgia, following the April 4, 2018 action.

In a video conference call on Monday (June 8), Judge Lisa Godbey Wood sentenced McAlister to time served, three years of probation and $25 a month in restitution until the amount of damage caused by the break-in — which the Navy estimated at $33,503 — is paid back in full by all the activists.

McAlister is part of a group of seven Catholic peace activists known as the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 who believe their faith compels them to oppose nuclear weapons to the point of committing acts of civil disobedience.


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