Pentecost Sunday [Catholic Mass Today]

CATHOLIC MINUTE — Happy Pentecost Sunday! At Catholic mass today, we read of the Apostles lives being transformed by the Holy Spirit. They have a personal Pentecost that changed everything. Today we focus on areas of our heart that the Holy Spirit can transform. We may not be able to physically attend Catholic mass today, but we can all call upon the Holy Spirt this Pentecost Sunday.

Consider the Apostles. Before Pentecost, the were normal men prone to fear. After Pentecost their were men of faith. Before the descent of the Holy Spirit, they were selfish, afraid to suffer with Jesus. After the Holy Spirt came, they all died for their faith. Before Pentecost, the Apostles were unclear about God’s will, casting lots to pick another to join the rank of the 12. After Pentecost Sunday they were lead by the Spirit to the ends of the earth. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is the difference maker in our lives.

At mass today, we remember this life changing event for the Apostles is a world changing event for every person, because Pentecost Sunday is the birth of the Catholic Church.

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