Christian leaders in Zimbabwe disturbed by abductions

The abduction and torture of three female opposition leaders, by some unknown people, in Zimbabwe has raised a wave of condemnations and calls for investigations into abductions and disappearances.

Three female leaders, members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change–Alliance (MDC-Alliance) were allegedly abducted in Harare by some unknown men, last week, on Wednesday. They had first been arrested at roadblock.

Abducted and tortured

The three women were later found on Friday severely beaten and traumatised. They had been dumped by the roadside some 80 kilometres north of Harare in Zimbabwe.

The opposition leaders were part of an MDC-Alliance COVID-19 demonstration that the government termed illegal. The three, Joana Mamombe (MP for Harare West), Cecilia Chimbiri (MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Vice-Chair) and Netsai Marova (Deputy Organising Secretary of the Youth wing) were protesting the government’s COVID-19 lockdown implemented without social protection for the country’s poor.


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