After Nearly 50 Years of Killing, Ohio Abortion Facility Closes

CREATED EQUAL — Columbus, OH – May 21, 2020 – Founder’s Women’s Health Center (FWHC) is closing after nearly half a century of killing preborn humans! FWHC was the first abortion facility in Ohio after Roe v Wade decriminalized abortion in 1973. But it won’t be the last to close its doors.

On May 20th, Created Equal received intelligence that FWHC had sold its building, located at 1243 E Broad St in Columbus, OH. The buyer of the property told a Created Equal representative, “I just bought the property.” He then said, “It’s not an abortion clinic anymore.”

To corroborate the information, Created Equal called the realtor of the property. The realtor confirmed that it is under contract, with closing set for July.

Most importantly, when asked why the property had been listed, the realtor said, “It’s a medical office, and the doctors are retiring. And they’re just selling their building.”

FWHC has a sordid past. In addition to the moral crime of decapitating, dismembering, and disemboweling young humans, FWHC’s history reveals a track record of other legal and moral violations, including employing uninsured abortionists, employing a known sex offender, not paying fines and taxes, and injuring women.

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SOURCE Created Equal

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