Fr. Ed Broom, OMV: Don’t Waste Your Suffering

FATHER ED BROOM, OMV — In Salvifici doloris, Saint John Paul II speaks about the suffering of Christ and our suffering and how we are called to unite our suffering to the suffering of Christ on the Cross. If we can do that, then our suffering has infinite value, limitless value. One more step, and Padre Pio understood this very well. When we offer our suffering, we should live out what is called the COMMON PRIESTHOOD of the faithful, which you lay people have. And the common piresthood of the faithful means this: you are called to offer sacrifices. They can be anything whatsoever; Our Lady said to the children at Fatima- offer everything. Try to place them on the altar, on the paten, at the Mass. So when the priest lifts up the paten, he lifts up the chalice, which is the Body and Blood of Christ, he is not only lifting up the consecrated species of the Body and Blood of Christ, but he is also lifting up you and your own sacrifices, your own sufferings to God. And those sacrifices, sufferings, that you have united with Christ, in the context of the HOly Sacrifices of the mass, those sacrifices have infinite value.

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