Goulding Gobbles LGBTQ Mafia, Holds Thanksgiving Halftime Show Hostage

Nick Kangadis

“Pop star” Ellie Goulding recently agreed to perform at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. But because of a Goulding Instagram post of her wearing a Salvation Army apron and praising the non-profit, Christian-based organization, the LGBTQ mafia predictably took issue with Goulding performing at the same event that kicks of the Salvation Army’s biggest drive every year.

Now, Goulding says she might cancel if the Salvation Army doesn’t make a donation or take a stand in favor of LGBTQ groups or organizations.

Join MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis as he bastes Goulding and other celebrities for constantly gobbling up the outrage of the “Alphabet mafia” and bending to their will just because they’re upset.




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