10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet

Looking for something cool on the internet? My tastes may differ from yours but I deem these ten things to be pretty cool!

  1. 100 Amazing World Maps – “Forget the boring maps you had to review in school — these cool maps reveal interesting facts and figures about the world and country you live in.”
  2. Psych Central’s Personality Quiz – Ostensibly, this quiz was developed by Dr. Phil. It’s very short. My own results were “The Loyal Friend.”
  3. Top 100 Unexplained Mysteries of the World – Purports to be “the biggest collection of strange stories.”
  4. Roman Catholicism Trivia and Quizzes – This is my usual source for questions to use when we play #CatholicQuiz on Twitter.
  5. akinator – Think of a character, an object, or an animal, real or make-believe, and akinator will guess who/what it is by asking questions. I tried several times to stump akinator and finally did with “Tabernacle.”
  6. Smithsonian – Learn something today.
  7. Search “catholic” on YouTube – There is always something worth watching.
  8. Pray the Rosary online with others around the globe, or individually.
  9. wikiHow – How to do anything.
  10. Oddee – Find odd stories.

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