Catholic School Board Member Hires Attorney for Fired Pregnant Teacher

Naiad Reich and her boyfriend, Matt Graboski. Photo: WNEP/CNN

As reported on December 5, Naiad Reich was fired from her job as a teacher at a Catholic school because she is pregnant and unmarried and has no intention of getting married. Board member Tony Varano calls the rules about chastity, as expressed in the morality clause in Reich’s contract, “archaic and barbaric.” He and other board members have hired an attorney to try to win her job back. According to WNEP, students, parents, and a neighbor of the school are also supporting her in her attempt to get reinstated.

It’s always a shame when people walk away from the dictates of the Church and especially Christ’s call to chastity. If she will not get married, she should not be reinstated. She would be a bad example for the students. It wouldn’t be fair to them to teach them to accept the sin while loving the sinner. We are called to love the sinner and hate the sin. If we don’t hate the sin, we might fall into the trap of that same sin ourselves, especially in the case of children who look to the adults in their lives to set an example for them.

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