LGBT Tyranny: Catholic foster care and adoption agencies across the country have closed their doors


At the NY Post is an article by Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, legal adviser for the Catholic Association Foundation, on a phenomenon that is happening around the country. Catholic adoption and foster agencies are closing their doors because states and municipalities are giving them an ultimatum: accept same-sex “marriage” or get out of the child care mission. Thankfully, some people are fighting back.

Meme Fulton is one of three CSS-certified foster parents who have joined a lawsuit challenging the new policy. They are committed to the children in need of foster care, but they’re unwilling to trample their faith and their constitutional rights.

They also believe that freedom of religion in the United States means more than worshiping privately in the catacombs. It should mean, among other things, joining others to make a difference in the lives of all suffering children.

Others and I warned about this years ago but our warnings fell on deaf ears, for the most part. I naively thought people would actually care about this, but I was sorely mistaken. If we do end up having to worship in catacombs it will have been a quiet suppression of our rights. There are not nearly enough voices crying out for what is right and true. We can only pray that we will win these battles in the courts but our chances do not seem that good in today’s culture.

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